Ohio Litter Laws

  Ohio's Litter Laws are well-defined, firm and enforced. It is illegal to litter in Ohio, whether it was intentional or not.

Below we have listed an overview of Ohio's Litter laws:

Littering and Illegal Dumping
Dumping waste such as discarded trash, oil, appliances, scrap tires, furniture and other items on public or private land and waterways is strictly prohibited by Ohio State Law.

Ohioans must license disposal facilities and insist that contracted waste haulers dispose of trash safely and properly. 

In addition to being unsightly, illegal dumps can pose health and safety hazards to people and wildlife.

Littering from a Motor Vehicle
Littering from a Motor Vehicle can result in ticketing, fines up to $100 plus driver's being held responsible for clean-up.

Unsecured Load
Contents of vehicles that could escape, leak or drop must be sufficiently covered and secured. Law enforcement officers do not have to witness the material falling from vehicle to make an arrest.

Law Enforcement is not enough to keep the state free from litter. The State of Ohio offers two excellent volunteer litter clean-up programs which provide Ohiaoans an opportunity to preserve the state's beauty. The "Adopt-A-Highway" Program, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Transportation, and "Adopt-A-Waterway" program, sponsored by the ODNR, are volunteer programs that create working partnerships between state government and private citizens and organizations to keep Ohio's roads and waterways litter-free.

For  more information contact:

Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention
1889 Fountain Square Court Bldg. F-2
Columbus, OH
(614) 265-6333


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